Metrics User FAQ

This FAQ is designed to answer questions that may arise during registration or navigation of the Metrics site. If you don’t see your question, please enter it in the form below so that we can continue to build on our FAQ.

Site Navigation

I'm logged in but I can only create my profile, it doesn't let me add data.
From your home screen, if your User Status is “Active LImited” this means that you do not have full access to Metrics. This could be because you have not yet registered for Metrics, or because your user status has not been updated. To sign up for Metrics, use this link.
The site won't let me click on the buttons
Metrics works best when used in the internet browser Google Chrome; some web browsers such as Internet Explorer’s security features interfere with site use.

Registration and Login

What do I do if the Market registration isn't accepting my market address?
The market address field is regulated by Google’s mapping API – sometimes, it won’t accept an address as put in by the user. in those instances, we recommend that users delete the entire address, and then type just the street number, and perhaps the first couple letters of the street. At this point, the field should auto-populate a drop-down of options for this address and similar. If you see your address listed in the results, click on it. If there are too many results, continue to add one or two letters to the street name until your address shows up. Click on it to save the address.
What do I do if my vendor doesn't have an email address?
In the case where a vendor doesn’t have an email address, we recommend creating one for them and keeping a record of it for your tracking purposes. Additionally, if you have Amish vendors, they may have a ‘man of business’ of whom their email may be used.

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