Get Ready for National Farmers Market Week

Posted on July 30, 2020

Hello Metrics community,

With the week of August 2-8 just around the corner, we are fast approaching National Farmers Market Week (NFMW).

NFMW is an optimal time to trumpet your market’s impact and share your market’s story. We hope that all of our Metrics users are planning to maximize the use of your reports and widgets during next week. For a quick refresher on using the Widget Reports, visit this page in the Metrics Site User Manual.

For some inspiration from your fellow farmers markets across the country, check out the Metrics in Action page. And don’t forget to send us your reports so we can add them to the page and share how you’re showcasing your market’s impact.

Check out what the Virginia Farmers Market Association is doing this year to celebrate with their fantastic theme, “Farmers Markets Are Local Food Superheroes.”

You can download the complete 2020 National Farmers Market Week toolkit by clicking here. There are lots of valuable resources in the toolkit. I especially love this page – the 2020 Farmers Market Talking Points – for some interesting pieces of data that you can use to highlight the benefit of farmers markets.

Don’t forget to use hashtags #farmersmarketweek, #lovemymarket, #farmersmarketsareessential and tag to any social media posts you release in support of NFMW.

We’d love to hear your plans on how you’ll use your data during NFMW. Contact to share them with us, and we wish you all a vibrant and impactful National Farmers Market Week!