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Farmers Market Metrics

Farmers Market Metrics (Metrics) is evaluation & data communication software that empowers market operators to tell their market’s story. Streamlined metrics (reporting forms) and data collection methods are combined with training resources, and a dynamic data entry website to automate analysis and reporting. 

The scalable and customizable system maximizes the utility of, and builds upon data already collected by market management, while facilitating the communication of market impacts to customers, vendors, funders, and other partners. 

Facilitating data collection and reports for market operators.

Automatic data sharing between software systems

FMC is creating partnerships with online data management software developers which will reduce the time needed to enter data into two systems. Marketwurks and Manage My Market are the first data management software systems where an API is available for similar data entered in one system to be automatically entered into the other. Check in with their customer service departments to learn more. (Other software developers interested in adding an API with Metrics, use the contact form.)

Farmers Market Operators

The Metrics software program is designed exclusively for market operators to use. Accountholders create farmers market profiles (baseline data) for each site they manage, manage market-level day, annual, and/or seasonal survey data, all with automated reporting templates that populate the aggregated calculated entered data. Each market site’s profiles is also separately downloadable to share with funders or vendors interested in learning more about the many sites that a market operator manages. 

Share compelling reports with the click of a button.

Put your data to work with automatically generated reports and graphics. Customize and print a one-page impact report to share with stakeholders, or share individual metric graphics directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Customize data collection based on your goals and capacity.

Standardized Metrics & Collection Methods

Select metrics that speak to the goals of your market using our market-tested, researcher-approved data collection methods.

Web and Paper-based data collection forms

Streamline data collection by
entering data directly into our mobile-friendly web forms, or use the printable versions.

Guides, Training & Technical Assistance

Create a data collection plan tailored for your market using FMC’s guides and templates. Consult with peer market managers, and industry experts during monthly Metrics Clinics.

Analyze data in real-time to make informed decisions.

View dashboards and tables, and easily export all raw data into .csv files for sharing and further analysis.