With all the details I manage in the day-to-day operations of my market, I don’t have time to 
analyze the data I collect, let alone use it for marketing, communications, or fundraising...

Welcome to Farmers Market Metrics

Farmers Market Metrics (Metrics) is a complete evaluation & data communication system that empowers market operators to tell their market’s story. Streamlined metrics and data collection methods are combined with training resources, and a dynamic data entry website to automate analysis and reporting. 

The scalable and customizable system maximizes the utility of, and builds upon data already collected by market management, while facilitating the communication of market impacts to customers, vendors, funders, and research partners. 

Streamline your data. Tell your market’s story.

Data Points

Automated Metrics

Data Collection Methods

Easy-to-Use System

Automated reporting makes it easy to share individual metrics and visually engaging, one-page summaries at the touch of a button.

A dynamic dashboard highlights real-time information on your market’s vendors, activities, and sales.

Peer-reviewed data collection and metric calculation empower markets to share their impacts and make data-driven decisions.

Data storage with export and sharing capabilities allow individual markets to share their data with researchers, funders, and other stakeholders.

Generate beautiful reports and sharable graphics with a click.


Data Collection & Storage

No more spiral notebooks with scratches and stains. Keep everything safe and sound with SLL back database security.

Automated Data Analysis

Every data point entered is transformed into meaningful and actionable information.

Sharable Graphic Reporting

One-click shares our individual metrics, or entire summary reports. Download these same graphics for use in annual reports, or at the market!