Training Video Library

Training Video Library

Find video tutorials below to better understand data collection and data entry best practices.



Getting Started with Metrics Management Software

Partner Webinars

Below, find a series of data collection videos made during our 2016-2019 FMPP grant “Strengthening the Farmers Market Customer Base through Data-Driven Messaging Campaigns at Local, State, and National Levels.” VAFMA is an outstanding market association, and their videos are among the best available on these subjects. Thank you to VAFMA for making them available.

Monthly Metrics Clinics

The Clinics are voluntary, monthly “drop-in” chats for all registered Metrics users across the U.S. to talk about market-level issues of collection and use of data with FMC Training and Technical Assistance Director Darlene Wolnik and Metrics Product Coordinator Erica Anderson.

Every Clinic, FMC staff present on a topic related to Metrics and data collection. The recordings are found here.