Operating Organizations 

We know that Farmers Market Operators drive the data collection process. That’s why Metrics is designed with Farmers Market Operators’ needs in mind and created to be used by Market Operators. 

Operating Organizations sign up for Metrics subscriptions.  An Operating Organization is a single market organization operating one or more farmers market(s).

Operating Organizations create market profiles, enter data, and regulate who can view their data. Operating Organizations can also host public, online directories of their farmers market profiles.  

 Cost:  $252 per year for a single Operating Organization if already a member of Farmers Market Coalition. If not, FMC membership is only 40/year!

An Operating Organization can have up to 20 market sites in Farmers Market Metrics. Over +20 market sites, please contact metrics at farmersmarketcoalition.org for a price.

Operating Organizations in Metrics have access to all features within the Farmers Market Metrics software, downloadable how-to resources and offline collection forms, this Guide Site’s resources and templates, access to account troubleshooting through the Metrics Help Desk and responsive support, and an open invitation to the Metrics Google Group and to the monthly Metrics Clinics.

Add Additional Services

Every market has different needs for training and support. Strengthen your project
with the options below, or contact us for a custom engagement.

Add Additional Services when you are purchasing your Metrics subscription through the FMC Store.

Technical Assistance Package - Markets

Ten consulting hours with FMC staff on any of the following topics:

Data Collection 101

Reporting and Communicating Data

Working with Influencers

Metrics for Grant Proposals

Assistance with Grant Analysis

$300 for 10 hours

Custom Webinars

Live Webinars with FMC staff, tailored to the goals of your Network or Operating Organization.

$250 per webinar

Tableau Integration

Operating Organizations who want Tableau’s powerful data visualizations can add it on. Access five standard reporting dashboards, and work with FMC staff to create two custom options specific to your goals.

$700 annually

Ready to Go? Start Making Your Data Work for You!