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Both Operating Organization accounts and Network accounts include access to training guides, templates, and videos, as well as enrollment in monthly Metrics Clinics, where participants can share successes and explore struggles with FMC staff, peer market managers, and industry experts.

Metrics pricing is broken down into modules, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

Start by choosing the account type that best fits your needs:

Vendor Profile

A single farmers market vendor. 

Vendors create profiles made up of 11 demographic questions that can be managed either by the vendor or by the market Operating Organization. Once created, Vendor profiles can be shared with multiple markets. Individual vendor data is not shared with any other user.


If your market is using Farmspread for their vendor management, the information provided in your vendor application is automatically transferred over to Metrics, and a complete profile is made automatically.

Operating Organization

A single market organization,
operating up to 5 farmers markets. 

Operating Organizations create market profiles, enter data, and regulate which Networks can view their data. Operating Organizations can also host public, online directories of their farmers market profiles. 

 $252 per year

Run more than 5 farmers markets?
Add additional markets for $40 each.


A Network is any entity that wants to facilitate data collection and sharing among a group of farmers markets, but does not operate markets themselves. Networks include research partners, program coordinators, municipalities, and farmers market associations. Network users can aggregate and analyze data across farmers markets, but cannot edit that data. Networks can also host a public, online directory featuring the profiles of their participating farmers markets. 

As of August of 2019, any new network will need to contact FMC directly before purchasing this option as we are changing the network onboarding process. Email to find out more.

$1,200 per year
+ $40 per participating Op Org

Op Orgs run more than 5 markets?
Add additional markets for $40 each.

For more details about Account Types and their features, visit the Account Types Page!

Add Additional Services

Every market has different needs for training and support. Strengthen your project
with the options below, or contact us for a custom engagement.

Add Additional Services when you are purchasing your Metrics subscription through the FMC Store.

Technical Assistance Package

Ten consulting hours with FMC staff on one of the following these topics:

Data Collection 101

Building Network Capacity

Reporting and Communicating Data

Working with Influencers

Metrics for Grant Proposals

$300 for 10 hours

Custom Webinars

Live Webinars with FMC staff, tailored to the goals of your Network or Operating Organization.

$250 per webinar

Bulk Data Import

Already have data that you’d like to upload into Metrics? FMC can import vendor profiles, sales data, and market day reports.

Contact for pricing

Tableau Integration

Network accounts come standard with Tableau integration. Operating Organizations who want Tableau’s powerful data visualizations can add it on. Access five standard reporting dashboards, and work with FMC staff to create two custom options specific to your goals.

$700 annually

Go Further!

We’re always looking to improve our site, and make it easier for everyone to collect useful data. Talk to us about custom development, or streamline your data collection even further with vendor application software!

Vendor Management Integration

For FMC has partnered with Farmspread to integrate our metrics collection and reporting tool with their vendor management system. Through Farmspread, you can accept vendor applications and fees, create interactive market maps, assign stalls, and so much more! Vendor data collected through the vendor application process can then be automatically shared to your Metrics account. How easy is that?

FMC members receive a 15% discount on Farmspread.
Learn more at

Custom Development

Want to add features to the Farmers Market Metrics platform to serve your unique program goals? We love to collaborate on new initiatives.

Please contact us to discuss options and pricing at

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