FMC State and Network Partners

Browse some examples of how our partners are working with their markets and creating data visualizations and analyses to support those markets

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Virginia Farmers Market Association (VAFMA)

VIRGINIA -Mary Delicate of the Virginia Farmers Market Association recorded this 10 min. webinar of helpful tips for effectively sharing data collected with Metrics. Topics include creating a social media schedule, tagging stakeholders in your posts, sharing data with vendors, and more.

This work was done in partnership with FMC during a 3 year FMPP grant titled: Strengthening the Farmers Market Customer Base through Data-Driven Messaging Campaigns at Local, State, and National Levels.”

Ohio Farmers Market Network and The Ohio State University


OH -North Central SARE Professional Development Project “Professional Development for Ohio Farmers Market Managers and OSU Extension Educators on Creating a Culture of Data Collection for Sustainability Planning for Markets and Farmers” is a partnership between FMC and its Ohio state partners to provide training to Ohios’ farmers markets managers and Extension professionals on dynamic data collection and analysis to gain economic and ecological data that can increase their sustainability. 

Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation & Development (Northeast Iowa RC&D)

IOWA – Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation & Development has released a new Market Manager Toolkit.

” This place-based approach offers potential market managers and existing market managers in Iowa an opportunity to connect with colleagues from similarly sized towns, provide their boards or committees with justification and inspiration, and fuel grant applications and private sponsorships.”

The Toolkit includes a section on Measuring Your Farmers Market’s Performance, with information on Metrics as well as general guidance and testimonials about collecting data like visitor counts and visitor surveys. The section starts on page 46 of the PDF download that can be accessed through their website.


Metrics Poster Contest Winners

Each year, FMC hosts the National Farmers Market Poster Contest, sponsored by Farm Aid. Hundreds of farmers markets submit their beautiful marketing posters to our judges in hopes of winning bragging rights and prizes. In 2018, we added a Metrics category to honor the market that best offered Metrics-style data on an appealing and educational poster.  Check out the 2018 winning poster from Hood River Farmers Market.


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Engaging Stakeholders

In 2018, FMC tabled at the Slow Food Nations event in Denver.  Attendees were encouraged to select the single metrics that they would most like their favorite market to collect and share with the community.

Print and laminate the metrics graphics to leave scattered on a table at an outreach event or at the Welcome Booth. This activity helps markets to better understand what vendors, shoppers, and partners want to know. Give it a try!