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Market Profile Questions

The market profile contains information about the organization and the site(s) where each market is held. The data you collect about market activities and transactions show the impacts that the market organization is having at this location, but without profile data, that impact data can be taken out of context. For example, what if you have a new Tuesday morning location and a longtime Saturday morning location with very different setups, types and number of vendors and products? It would be helpful for the audience for this data to understand the difference. (see the example from VA in the link titled Side-by-side Profile example) On the Metrics platform, we capture that by asking each account holder to add a profile for each market location and day. Even if you are not using the platform, we still recommend that you have these questions filled out for each and share some of it when sharing the impact data

Download the Market Profile

Side-by-side Profile example


Metrics Selection Exercise

Use this template to choose metrics with your team or your market partners. It is best to limit the number that must be collected by zeroing in on those metrics that can aid a wide set of stakeholders in their need for knowledge about the market’s impact. By finding those partners who can use the data well in high impact situations this season, you can better simplify your collection system.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3


Talking Points, National Farmers Market Week Resources

Use the FMC talking points and resouces to amplify your data message.


National Farmers Market Week Resources

Reference Materials

Use these resources to learn how to navigate the Metrics platform, and find more detailed information on Metrics features, offerings and requirements. 

Step-By-Step Data Entry Guide

This Guide will walk you through your first time logging into Metrics, and general navigation of the site.

Metrics Account Registration Questions

This document outlines the registration fields required to become an active user.


Full Metrics Table

Use this spreadsheet to see all of the different metrics we offer, and the data points we collect. 

Tips for Managing Data Collection Days

This one-pager offers practical advice for making data collection days seamless and stress-free!




Network Resources

Use these resources to organize and codify your Network Project.

Metrics Strategy for Network Projects

Don’t know where to start? This Network-level strategy guide shows you the whole plan at 30,000 feet.

Network Project Invitation Template

This template can be used by Networks to invite participant markets to your project.


Network to Market Template Agreement

This template can be used for Network leaders to define requirements and expectations for participant markets.