Farmers Market Metrics Training Resources

Review metrics and data collection methods, download worksheets and templates, and get started!


Learn about the theory, history and best practices around data collection at farmers markets.

Metrics 101: Syllabus

This syllabus was created to answer questions that arise while undertaking a Metrics project. 



Unit 1: Introduction to Farmers Market Metrics

This brief training guide will give an overview of the history and purpose of Metrics.



Unit 2: Metric Selection

This training Unit reviews best practices for selecting metrics based on capacity and need.      

Unit 3: Methods and Implementation

This training unit reviews data collection methods and how to implement them at your market. 



Review and complete these resources before you log in to Farmers Market Metrics

Metrics Strategy at the Market Level

Don’t know where to start? This Market-level strategy guide shows you the whole plan at 30,000 feet.




Data Collection Plan Template

Distill your project into a two-page plan, with places for the who, what and when of the project.

Full Metrics Table

Use this spreadsheet to see all of the different metrics we offer, and the data points we collect.



Vendor Profile Bulk Import Template

Use this spreadsheet to fill out all your vendor profile data and have it imported automatically.




Metrics Selection Worksheet

Think through your current and potential audiences, so that the data you collect is relevant to your goals.

Market Day Bulk Import Template

Use this spreadsheet to fill out historical market day data and have it imported automatically.


Market Awareness Post Template

Use this template to post to your newsletter or social media accounts, to make your customers and vendors aware of your project.


Use these resources to learn how to navigate the Metrics site, and how to properly collect data for Metrics.

Metrics Required Registration Fields

This document outlines the registration fields required to become an active user.


Tips for Managing Data Collection Days

This one-pager offers practical advice for making data collection days seamless and stress-free!



Step-By-Step Metrics User Guide

This Guide will walk you through your first time logging into Metrics, and general navigation of the site.

Data Collection Methods

Read through Metrics’ peer-reviewed data collection Methods so that you know what to expect at Market.

Vendor Letter Template

Use this vendor letter template to help explain your data collection and garner buy-in from the beginning of the season.

Network Resources:

Use these resources to organize and codify your Network Project.

Metrics Strategy for Network Projects

Don’t know where to start? This Network-level strategy guide shows you the whole plan at 30,000 feet.

Network Project Invitation Template

This template can be used by Networks to invite participant markets to your project.


Network to Market Template Agreement

This template can be used for Network leaders to define requirements and expectations for participant markets.