Training and Templates

Metrics Workbook

The Metrics Workbook prepares you to effectively and efficiently incorporate data collection into your market season.  The Workbook is broken into three main sections: A. Data Collection Methods, B. Metrics Selection Worksheets, and C. Data Collection Plan Templates.  

Data Collection Methods

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Data Collection Plan Templates

Section C includes  templates to create a simple roadmap to keep your data collection team on track. Copy and paste only the sections you’ll need to customize your plan.

Reference Materials

Use these resources to learn how to navigate the Metrics platform, and find more detailed information on Metrics features, offerings and requirements. 

Step-By-Step Data Entry Guide

This Guide will walk you through your first time logging into Metrics, and general navigation of the site.

Metrics Account Registration Questions

This document outlines the registration fields required to become an active user.


Full Metrics Table

Use this spreadsheet to see all of the different metrics we offer, and the data points we collect. 

Tips for Managing Data Collection Days

This one-pager offers practical advice for making data collection days seamless and stress-free!




Bulk Upload Templates

These files provide the format required to bulk upload data into Metrics. Bulk uploads are available for Vendor Profiles, and Market Day Reports. 

Market Day Bulk Import Template

Use this spreadsheet to fill out historical market day data and have it imported automatically.

Vendor Profile Bulk Import Template

Use this spreadsheet to fill out all your vendor profile data and have it imported automatically.



Network Resources

Use these resources to organize and codify your Network Project.

Metrics Strategy for Network Projects

Don’t know where to start? This Network-level strategy guide shows you the whole plan at 30,000 feet.

Network Project Invitation Template

This template can be used by Networks to invite participant markets to your project.


Network to Market Template Agreement

This template can be used for Network leaders to define requirements and expectations for participant markets.