Metrics Users Network

Calling all current Metrics software accountholders: Jump on to our monthly Metrics Clinic




Every month, FMC hosts an hour-long voluntary Clinic for any and all Metrics users to ask questions and discuss a variety of topics related to the Metrics site, data collection and use, and other priorities.  The Clinics include: 


  • Training topics relevant for new and returning users
  • Overview of recent FAQs and Metrics updates
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow Metrics users, share experiences, troubleshoot challenges, and trumpet successes 
  • Opportunities to ask questions of the hosts, FMC’s Director of Training and Technical Assistance and FMC’s Evaluation Technical Assistance Coordinator



Metrics Clinics Have a New Date! 


Metrics Clinics will be held every
4th Friday of each month at 1pm ET/12pm CT/11am MT/ 10am PT.  



Zoom link to join the Clinic: 


Email to learn more.