Metrics for grant-funded projects

Metrics for grant-funded projects 

Farmers Market Metrics can streamline
& improve your proposals & reports

Farmers Market Metrics was designed to make it easy for markets to collect, track, and report on their many activities and impacts. While data collection and communication is important for any market, it’s particularly critical when applying for or reporting on grant funded projects.

Check out this post on calculating indicators written by Metrics team member Darlene Wolnik.

For example, the USDA requires Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program grantees to have a well-defined evaluation plan using their prescribed outcomes and indicators. The application process even evaluates proposals based on:

  • The extent to which the Outcomes and Indicator(s) are feasible for the scale and scope of the project;
  • How indicator numbers were derived, with a clear means to collect feedback to evaluate and achieve each relevant Outcome indicator; and
  • The extent to which the applicant provides a comprehensive plan to disseminate the project’s results (both positive and negative) electronically and in-person to target audiences, stakeholders, and interested parties.

Metrics offer streamlined solutions for measuring some of the indicators that USDA requires, including the number of visitors, new and beginning farmers, participants in market programs, and vendor sales. 

An added benefit of the standardized metrics and online platform offered through Farmers Market Metrics, is the ability to track the progress of multiple markets across operating organizations. A Network account allows a research partner, state association, funder or other partner to view and analyze data in real-time, from any market that grants it permission. 

So take a look around!

Have questions? Darlene Wolnik, FMC’s Senior Advisor, can talk data all day long and would love to learn more about your proposal. You can reach her at

A package of Farmers Market Metrics services to include in a grant proposal might include:

  • A Network account for the Project Lead.
  • Operating Organization accounts for each participating market.
  • Access to all Farmers Market Metrics training resource for all participants
  • Access to monthly Metrics Clinics to review progress, share successes and consult with FMC staff, peer markets and industry experts. 
  • Tableau data visualization mapped to your data, with use of five standard dashboards and up to two custom dashboards for your project.
  • 10 annual hours of needs-based consulting with the Network leader on each  “Data Collection 101,” “Building Network Capacity,” “Working with Influencers,” and “Reporting Strategy and Communications.”
  • Bulk imports of datasets you already have on hand.

Ready to write Metrics into your proposal? Use these calculators to build your Metrics support package.

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