Facilitate data collection and communication
among three types of users:


Vendors create profiles and report sales directly through their account, or if they prefer, market managers can do it for them.

Operating Organizations

Farmers Market Operating Organizations drive the data collection process. They create farmers market profiles, assign vendors, manage all market-level data, and choose which Networks can view their data. 


Networks include state associations, research institutions, funders, or other stakeholders with an interest in easily tracking and analyzing market-level data.

Share compelling reports with the click of a button.

Put your data to work with automatically generated reports and graphics. Customize and print a one-page impact report to share with stakeholders, or share individual metric graphics directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Customize data collection based on your goals and capacity.

Standardized Metrics & Collection Methods

Select metrics that speak to the goals of your market using our market-tested, researcher-approved data collection methods.

Web and Paper-based data collection forms

Streamline data collection by
entering data directly into our mobile-friendly web forms, or use the printable versions.

Guides, Training & Technical Assistance

Create a data collection plan tailored for your market using FMC’s guides and templates. Consult with peer market managers, and industry experts during monthly Metrics Clinics.

Analyze data in real-time to make informed decisions.

View dashboards and tables, and easily export all raw data into .csv files for sharing and further analysis.
Network accounts include integration with the business intelligence and analytics software, Tableau.

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